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How To Get A Quote

Athletic Field Stencils >> How To Get A Quote

How to get a Quote

1. CALL US with your ideas or needs.
Ask for Jon or Larry, or you can fax or e-mail an existing version of your artwork.

Some helpful artwork ideas to send:
  • Email files__ .eps/.ai/.jpg/.tiff/.doc
  • an embroidered patch
  • a business card
  • a photograph
  • stationery
  • program guide
  • letterhead

    o 2. We may ask you to send us materials.

    o 3. We will create art for you (NO CHARGE)
    and send it back to you for approval. We can discuss changes and create a final version of the stencil and give you a quote.

    4. We then create the stencil in full size and ship it to you, along with any paint and tools needed for you to do the job.

    5. Lead time for making a stencil is around a week or two, call us if you need it quicker.
Some useful hints:

You can provide us with a graphics file of this art. File types: .eps files are preferred but .ai, .doc, .jpg, .tif, or about any file type you have, we can open.

If you have a camera, send us a photo of a pleasing graphic that you'd like us to adapt to a field stencil.

Also, "Pounce Pattern" stencils are available for wall logos including gymnasium walls, floors, building walls or any hard surface indoors or outdoors.

Pounce Pattern stencils are available for wall logos including gymnasium walls and floors, building walls, and any hard surface logos. Indoors or outdoors.

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