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Goal Post Paint System

Athletic Field Paint >> Goal Post Paint System

Goal Post Paint System Athletic Field Paint sold online at Missouri Turf Paint in Kansas City Missouri


Saturn yellow is a fluorescent paint that requires a white primer undercoat. Light passes through the transparent yellow then reflects off of the white primer to get the glow. The clear protector will extend the life of this system. If you don't apply the Filterray clear UV protector over the yellow you can expect about two years life. If you use the clear protector you can expect four years or more life.

For two goosneck goal posts we recommend two gallons of #63 White Primer, two gallons of #64 Saturn Yellow and two gallons of the #65 Filterray Clear coat.

We do offer a less expensive alternative. A 100% Acrylic yellow that does not glow and does not need the clear coat.You can expect a couple of years usage, see #66 Goal Post Yellow. We recommend two gallons for two goal posts.

Goal Post Paint System Products

#63 MTP Goal Post Primer
#63 MTP Goal Post Primer
$44.99 Gallon
#64 Saturn Yellow<br>Fluorescent Water Based
#64 Saturn Yellow
Fluorescent Water Based
$109.95 Gallon
#65 Filterray Clear UV Protector
#65 Filterray Clear UV Protector
$109.95 Gallon
7 Inch Spring Loaded<br>Goal Post Roller w/ Cover
7 Inch Spring Loaded
Goal Post Roller w/ Cover
$34.99 Each
7 Inch Replacement Roller Cover
7 Inch Replacement Roller Cover
$14.99 Each
Goal Post Yellow <br>Satin 100% Acrylic
Goal Post Yellow
Satin 100% Acrylic
$64.99 Gallon
Goal Post White<br> Satin100% Acrylic
Goal Post White
Satin100% Acrylic
$64.99 Gallon

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